Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Chaos Reaver Titan, Painting complete, and Something new...

Well it's been a slog to get this far. I have, however deceived a little with the title of this post. The titan project is not over yet. The actual painting of the kit is though. I've finally weathered and machine and glued it into as many pieces as it will stay. So now its looking like this:

I've hit it with several forge world weathering powders. Namely the rust in patches dotted around, but also, the feet and lower legs has has a blast of mud, and the shell strikes and exhausts has been given a good go with soot.

Still on the to do list is:

Base. Needs the pavements rebuilding and some more texture adding around the Aquila.

Banner. Has been extended since you last saw it, but it needs paint and hanging permanently.
Pinning: The whole machine needs pinning to the base and gluing, to finish of 'The Wrath of the Deceived' as I've decided to name it. 

Enough rambling, here's some more shots of check out:

'You wanna make something of it?'

Close up rusting effects.

I need to borrow a decent camera at the end of this project, and I'll get some much better shots. 
But now on to something completely different...

Me and one of my good mates(and enemies, for the apocalypse campaign), Tom, have, for years now had a question burning at the back of our minds.

A good few years back, Games Workshop released a kit of... Epic potential. Now, no one we know actually plays the game system it was designed for, and for quite a while, games workshop had policies in place to withhold activities that would see this majestic kit used in any other game system.

Still, the question burned. 

The apocalypse expansion was released for 40k, but we were all to busy to search for answers. 

At the back of our minds, we hadn't forgotten.

Now, god knows how long after we first uttered the words, I have the time, the money, the drive, and the very chance to find out the answer to our question...

''What can Yu Mak with a Mumak?''

Born of the morning after a night before, a challenge was thrown down, to convert a large elephant, into something we'd like to see on a 40k gaming table. With my feral guardsmen launching a fresh assault across the thraxis system, backed up with a host of zombies, spawn, daemons and general hell, this must be the chance I've been after. 

Here's the progress. I'm going down the, 'big rusty howdah' line...

I'm going to be using this a squiggoth in games, so it kinda fits. 

I know its a bit small, but I'll have to get over it. The slot in the middle will have two big guns in, one above the other, and the sides will have machine gunners, to match the squiggoth's rules. 

As I'm running out of time to write this, I must leave it there, but you can be sure I'll be working hard on this thing soon. 

The final note, is that this Blog may go quiet for a couple of weeks after this. I'm moving house at the weekend, and will have to set up a new Internet connection. 

Til then. 


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Apocalypse season begins!

So this is an update long overdue(again). Unfortunately my posting has slowed down of late, and I'm not really sure why. I've been working on the army, but at a slower rate, and other bits of real life seem to getting in the way. 

Anyhow, I have some progress today. 

Firstly the first game of apocalypse summer happened last weekend.
I managed to get this shot off at the start off imperial turn 2, but after that got distracted with dice rolling to take any others!

You can see my chaos side at the bottom of the pic, with my plentiful guardsmen taking up minesweeper and cannon fodder duty. At this point, my allies's strike force of 50 rhino mounted chaos marines were still in reserve, which may be why we appear so out numbered.
This was the first game of the season, so we started small(ish), and this game was 6000 points a side. The next game is due in a couple of weeks, with an additional 2000 points bringing us up to 8k. I have a secret super heavy planned for this game, if it turns up and I can paint it in time.

Anyway, in terms of recent modelling, these 2 tanks finished off my first 3k army list. 

'Dead metal' the Punisher.

 I feel I'm learning more about weathering with each tank I do. It's a skill I very much want to nail. 

'Sledge' the vanquisher.

The chain around this converted vanquisher's barrel added some detail I think works well.

As i mentioned, Next up is a secret super heavy, and maybe a daemon or two!

Watch this space.