Sunday, 11 September 2011

Dire Avengers. I could get used to this.

I've made it to the second set of models for my theorised Eldar army. An order with my first 500 points turned up Saturday so I got straight into it to kick start the project.

 The army i have planned is light on infantry. Mainly as it was always where i came unstuck painting several failed eldar armies in the past. So I'm going to paint infantry, then reward myself with a vehicle, or similar, and hope to keep motivated that way.

I'm fairly happy with how these guys turned out. Though they did take a long time to get like this. I discovered painting eldar eyes is a nightmare of a task. 

Also, my photography skills are found somewhat wanting I realise. I'll try my best to correct this!

Til next time,


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Eldar Farseer, doing yourself proud.

This is the second update in a week, surely a rarity for me nowadays! I'm trying to throw myself into getting an Eldar army on the table so I'm practising much as I can at the minute. So i have my latest offering:

I've spent longer on this guy than I normally would. I say normally, I think I'm to used to just hammering out guardsmen 10 in an evening, so I'm trying to re-learn taking my time abit. 

I think Eldar models benefit from the extra time spent on them(I think this is why I never manage to finish an army of 'em) more than most, especially HQ guys.

Just a few more shots. I think if I can get an Eldar army all finished in these colours it'd look the dogs dangleys, so I'm going to give it everything. Nothing like walking to your local gaming evening and having the army that turns the most heads. Doing yourself proud for me is more important than winning any game.


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Eldar Warlock

Apparently one side project just isn't enough for some people. I've taken my first finecast steps this weekend, and painted this eldar warlock. I think he's the start of a new army, but I always say that at the minute. 

So I'm on the search for a slightly move competitive army than I'd normally use, but I'm still a modeller first, and I just wasn't clicking with the word bearers in terms of painting. I found them very average, with no real drive behind me other than to get a new army painted.

If you've had a look at the rest of the blog, I've used a colour scheme I used for some dark eldar a few months back. Although i never finished that army, I thought i did do a decent job of painting it, do this time I'm going to try and get the job done. 

If I make it past the first models, only time will tell!