Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Nightmare Empire, Warmachine Cryx.

New project number 3... So it appears I just can't settle into a new painting project. Everything I start ends 3 models in and I've just not clicked with anything recently.

So this is, yet again, the start of something, probably quite small(I am going to get my copy of skyrim later today, after all), a cryx army for warmachine.

As a gaming group, we've not played warmachine for quite awhile. We used to play mark 1 when it was getting big a couple of years back, around escalation to superiority era, and we enjoyed it a lot. I was a cryx player then and it appears its dyed in the wool, I'm getting back to it. since then I've sold my army so, I'll just have to rebuild it now.

Over the last couple of weeks this little Deathripper has been painted and stripped about 6 times, as I've struggled to find a colour scheme for them. I feel with cryx you kind of have your hands tied a little bit with having to have green necrotite furnaces, so I think your colours have to match that a little.

So purple is the answer. I've painted this Deneghra much better than I did my last one, who looked a bit bit like a lady of the night... 

I've also has a bit of a experiment with this whole 'OSL' that everyone is on about now. My first attempt, but i think it works a bit.

Well, that's as far as I've got so far. I'll really try my best to keep it going this time, I promise!