Monday, 9 June 2014

Aurora-ing Success!

So remember my corehammer army from  a couple of months back? Well, like most of my armies, once it's purpose was served, they went straight up for sale in order to fund the next project. So the 1000 points got a new home, then I received a message.

A request to add a few follow up models to the army. Just the 4 extra guys. So here they are. Exactly the same colour scheme. The conversions and kit bashes I can't claim as my own, as my buyer built these guy himself.

So yeah, Melta bombs and servo skulls, the Auroras got techy. Once again, a smattering of checkered patterns to fit in with the rest of the army. Same on the new missile launcher too.

Then this guy, who I'm guessing, by the resin base and such, is possibly going to be a new captain for them. A free handed banner. One problem I did encounter, whilst painting the whole army, is that I only bought the Vallejo air colours for the green, and not the regular versions. This mean I've had to be extra careful whilst painting in the details.

So that's all for the minute. I'm still happy with this army, you know you've done a good 'un when you're getting requests for more!