Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dark Vengeance, Dark Angels first 500.

Right now, I am in the rarest of hobby situations. Normally If I'm painting an army, I only have the drive to paint that force. So if I'm doing a an Imperial guard army, for example, I'll pour over the codex, be googling and searching other peoples models and generally getting a bit obsessed with them. This is how I can comfortably finish a project without wandering down some other path and ending up with half painted armies everywhere. Normally the obsession will last long enough to get the whole army painted.

Weirdly though, right now I actually have enough drive to get on with two projects, being my Dark Angels army and the Chaos Warhound Titan I have looming over everything in the background. If you've noticed, my blogging has been about both of these over the last month or so.

So what do I have to show and tell today? I have finally finished my first 500 points of Dark Angels. Shaky group shot...

This is all you get in a 500 point marine army nowadays. I'm quite happy with how they look as a group.  

So the new additions are this half tactical squad, fresh from the Dark Vengeance box. The models are nice enough to paint, but I can't help but think the insignia and symbols moulded on the shoulders are a little bit large and comedic for my tastes. I know they're only cheap starter models but I think they could have made them a little smaller. 

After painting all that green, it was time to mix things up just a little, and I cracked on with the leader for the army, the Librarian from Dark Vengeance. This guy is nice to paint, he doesn't quite have the cheaper feel some of the starter set stuff does. It was a good chance to practise my blue, which I've not painted in a while.

Quick shot of his back too, just to show off his wizard's cloak. All I have to do to finish him is to paint in his runes on his force sword.  

That's it for now.