Friday, 30 May 2014

Roling Thunder. Cygnar Steamroller Army.

You could now argue, despite the lack of blogging going on, that I've now finished the Great Cygnaran Restoration. You could argue that, because I now have 2 full lists painted up and ready to play in tournaments. I missed alot of blogging about it, like normal, but I've got here.

However, unlike GW games, I don't think you ever really finish a Warmachine army. There's always a new unit or combo to try out in this game. Expect to see more of the royl blues on here at some point.

So 2 50 point lists, painted for the WPS Club Challenge at the North west gaming centre this weekend. Like the rest of our club, I've had the ticket booked for this event for a while. Last time The Lost Boys went, when the event was last run in 2012, I attended and had a great time. I took my beloved trolls with me, and finished about mid table, if I remember right. Unfortunately, the event wasn't run in 2013, due to the venue it was booked in at closing, and the reschedule was quickly thrown out and and it didn't quite work out, I believe. A great shame, it really is a Top notch event, there's not many multi system tournaments out there, and the chance to go with all your club mates and play as a team adds a lot to a tournament.

This year, the event is back, in Stockport. Unfortunately, I'm thinking due to venue change, and the failure of the event to run last year, the tournament this year is much reduced. It has only about half the numbers of 2012. This leaves the Warmachine field at a mighty 6 players. 3 of them are from our club, so out of 5 games played over the weekend, 2 will be against my club mates. That kinda sucks, but I'll still show my support for the tournament. It also clashes horrendously with not only the Birmingham masters, but also Massacon is on the following weekend, and I have a feeling people are saving their weekend away for then.

Anyway, enough of my yapping, here's the army.

There's 2 lists in there. Who can figure out what goes in which list? I'm running 2 of cygnar's biggest jack casters. Ok, there's no Kraye in there, but eNemo and Darius will do for me. 

Darius is a long time favourite of mine. Not because of his rules, just because he's a greasy mechanic, which is kind of my soft spot in every game ever. I know, the tournament scene thinks he's terrible, but he does get better with one of these under him...

Every serious cygnar player needs one. They're just hugely valuable on the battlefield. Did I mention Darius' feat?? A cracking model to paint and practice my airbrushing on.  

Cyngar's glowly electric really lends itself to this. You have to be careful while you're doing it though. I got caught out by overspray a few times. I also wasn't sure how the 2 tone blues would look with each other, but I don't think i turned out to badly in the end.  

My Second caster,is Epic Nemo. A true gent, this guy can run 'jacks with the rest of them. I hope. I'm still getting used to how Squishy he is on the field. The model was a fine test of my airbrush, though little glowy ports on his chest are really small! I didn't want to flood the model with electric blue, but I needed to maintain the glow. How did it turn out? Not to sure really. One thing I can say for airbrushing, is that its making me rush everything. Because you've suddenly got the ability to basecoat very quickly, I find myself wanting the rest of the model to get painted just as fast, and find myself becoming lazy with it. My next project has much potential to have this syndrome applied too.

Naturally, if I'm running eNemo, I've got 3 stormcallers in the list. Disruption is nemo's best mate, y'see?

Continuing the lightning theme, we have the stormstrider. I've made a mess of my army list writing here. The battle engine I originally put in for nemo to hide behind, and to snipe infantry. However, all it seems to do is get in my own way. I had to submit my lists before I found this out, however, so now I'm stuck with it for the weekend! Nice model though!  

Right, doing the leg work, a pair of centurions. Weather blocking the path to darius and his stormwall, or energizing in to mash casters, these guys are my core choices. Strong on the defense, centurions help out with the scenario points like no other jack. 

And so do these lads. Polarity shielded storm guard can really cause a headache to the right oppenent. If not, they serve as field jammers. Infantry with reach is always a good 'un. 

So I'll set out tomorrow to try and gather the experiance I need to play some really tournaments some time.