Sunday, 26 June 2011

Apoco-project thunders on.

 Remember back near the start of the year I set the apocalypse challenge of coming up with some sort of battle ready army from scratch by the summer? Well, In terms of points value, I'm about half the way to my target. So far, everything I've painted looks something like this:

I'm glad that the army is getting quite a bit of a horde feel about it now. I'm please with the carpet of infantry, it definitely adds to the scale of the titan. 

The first game of the campaign is scheduled for July the 9th. For this first game, we're starting with basics, a 6000 point bash, of which I'm providing 3000 points for the chaos side. In the picture is around about the army I'll take, without the Reaver. There's a few more tanks to add to this to add some punch. My ally is playing a fallen angel army, and is bringing the elite whilst I bring the numbers!

A few months back, I started advertising on forums and scanning ebay for cheap leman russ tanks. Having sunk rather to much cash into the titan, the rest of the army will have to be a bit cheap! So, some purchases later and I got this:

For just under £80. That's 8 leman russ, on average, £10 each. Bearing in mind they're £35 each now, it's a fine bargain. I'll be taking 3 of them in the first game, so time to get my repairing gear out...
Vanquisher first up. I'm going to make several variants, and I love the hit or miss nature of these machines. I'd love it to blast a loyal russ to pieces for the first shot of the campaign, but knowing guardsman of BS 3, I'm not holding my breath! 

Next, for sheer fun, I'm going with a punisher. Just because its a 20 shot bastard. I think that's enough said. Here I've given the tank it's first coat of catchan green. 

To finish off the trio, an exterminator. This was the first russ to arrive, so got the first paint job. Unfortunately, my camera phone is failing me, and it looks alot like a child painted this. It is due another coat of varnish here, but still, I'm not to happy, it does look better in real life, I promise! 

Once these 3 or finished, I should be able to concentrate on the next 1000 points or so.
Until then


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Chaos Conclave. Leading the horde.

So there's been much excitement about the Reaver from me over the last few weeks I've almost forgotten the task in hand. However if you've been keeping up with this blog, you'll know I actually still have a holy hell load of chaos stuff to get ready for some apocalypse games this summer. As I've slogged through 100+ infantry, 30 hounds, more than a hand full of zombies and cracked on with the titan so far now, I've turned my attention too the leaders of the horde.

First up, a certain villain from the northwest of England makes his stompin' return... Further details are sketchy, but I hear they're showing them there grey knights how to do it properly...

Next up, I've got myself one of the latest deamon prince models. I've liked the look of this kit since it's release, so I had to get at least one. At least another will follow. This conversion is WIP, There's going to be a couple more layers of plate armour on the legs at least.

That's all for now. But there's surely more on the way. The mighty horde is rumoured to be lead by a conclave of the mightiest champions ever to walk the Thraxis system, beware, imperials...


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Heads up! Chaos Reaver Titan gets a noggin'

Well, 2 updates in a week, I'm flying back into this project :-)

Now, its time for one of the best bits. I've tried so hard to save this til near the end. I've seen so many titan logs that start off with some guy build a titan's foot(coz that's the right way to start) then watch as they get bored and jump to painting the crew figures and head. After that, there's no motivation there, so the rest of the resin stays in its bags.

So I tried to keep it in the bag, so to speak. Another reason to save it till the end is that I knew it would be the focus point of the model. Everyone who sees it will want to have a good lean in and see the reaver's millenia old features.

With this in mind, I wanted to get the rest of the miniature close to how it'll look in the end, to see what is required of the head. Will it look good the same as the rest of the model or will that look bland? Would free hand look good with the rest of the armour shades? 

First up was the interior. Pretty standard 40 cockpit really. Though Very hard to take a good picture of! 

After the boss and his mates, I base coated the shell

After a bit of deliberation, I decided to go with a lighter version of the regular armour tone I've been using. 
Queue my spongy friend...

 So I'm pretty happy with how its turning out so far really.

Every titan needs a good banner, I think. I didn't do this on my previous effort and I think it suffers for it. 

Pretty WIP, but you get the idea.

If you're in this position, I don't think I can help you! An infantry mans view!

Keep the comments and all coming, Thanks for those so far.

Till next time.


Monday, 13 June 2011

A long Overdue Chaos Reaver Titan Update

Well, this update has taken awhile to come. These last few weeks things have been getting in the way of my modelling, Firstly, our whole house was rewired the other week, so my modelling area had to be taken down and moved. Then I've had to use my spare time to organize moving to a new place. Then after that, I realised that I left my USB cable with the end dropped in some old paint water for two weeks, so I've had to wait for a new one to arrive from ebay. Now, finally, I can give you 3 weeks progress in one Almighty update!

So we left off having just finished the rear torso and most of the interior detail in the rear compartment. After this, I begun work on the carapace. I had the idea of painting a human style eye in the middle of the design on top, and gave it a shot and this is how it came out. I've not entirely sure of it to be honest. 

I think at this point it the only feature that stands out on the titan, so it does look a bit over powering. At this point I wasn't sure if I should keep it or not.

However, after the two of us looking at each other for a week, I decided he just had to stay. So I'm convinced. I'm happy with the eye.

Next, I painted the shoulder weapon mounts. Nothing fancy here, just most of the same metal-granite-green grey we've seen before.

Then things got real... Ended up plasticarding over the imperial Aquila that are on the ammo hopper for the Gatling blaster, then putting chaos stars over that.

Every titan should have a titan killer...

 By this time, We're making some proper progress. I also added some chains to the laser blaster to hang a banner from when the time comes. One almighty afternoon of gluing, pinning and hoping, and...

We've got guns!

Some shoulder plates and a missile launcher later, and we're only on a bloody roll! 

So this is the currant state of play. The head is obviously next on the hit list. Hopefully, if I can find the time, I'll be looking at final construction this weekend coming up, then I can begin to weather the whole machine.

Any comments or advice are always welcome. 

Till next time