Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Chaos Conclave. Leading the horde.

So there's been much excitement about the Reaver from me over the last few weeks I've almost forgotten the task in hand. However if you've been keeping up with this blog, you'll know I actually still have a holy hell load of chaos stuff to get ready for some apocalypse games this summer. As I've slogged through 100+ infantry, 30 hounds, more than a hand full of zombies and cracked on with the titan so far now, I've turned my attention too the leaders of the horde.

First up, a certain villain from the northwest of England makes his stompin' return... Further details are sketchy, but I hear they're showing them there grey knights how to do it properly...

Next up, I've got myself one of the latest deamon prince models. I've liked the look of this kit since it's release, so I had to get at least one. At least another will follow. This conversion is WIP, There's going to be a couple more layers of plate armour on the legs at least.

That's all for now. But there's surely more on the way. The mighty horde is rumoured to be lead by a conclave of the mightiest champions ever to walk the Thraxis system, beware, imperials...


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