Monday, 13 June 2011

A long Overdue Chaos Reaver Titan Update

Well, this update has taken awhile to come. These last few weeks things have been getting in the way of my modelling, Firstly, our whole house was rewired the other week, so my modelling area had to be taken down and moved. Then I've had to use my spare time to organize moving to a new place. Then after that, I realised that I left my USB cable with the end dropped in some old paint water for two weeks, so I've had to wait for a new one to arrive from ebay. Now, finally, I can give you 3 weeks progress in one Almighty update!

So we left off having just finished the rear torso and most of the interior detail in the rear compartment. After this, I begun work on the carapace. I had the idea of painting a human style eye in the middle of the design on top, and gave it a shot and this is how it came out. I've not entirely sure of it to be honest. 

I think at this point it the only feature that stands out on the titan, so it does look a bit over powering. At this point I wasn't sure if I should keep it or not.

However, after the two of us looking at each other for a week, I decided he just had to stay. So I'm convinced. I'm happy with the eye.

Next, I painted the shoulder weapon mounts. Nothing fancy here, just most of the same metal-granite-green grey we've seen before.

Then things got real... Ended up plasticarding over the imperial Aquila that are on the ammo hopper for the Gatling blaster, then putting chaos stars over that.

Every titan should have a titan killer...

 By this time, We're making some proper progress. I also added some chains to the laser blaster to hang a banner from when the time comes. One almighty afternoon of gluing, pinning and hoping, and...

We've got guns!

Some shoulder plates and a missile launcher later, and we're only on a bloody roll! 

So this is the currant state of play. The head is obviously next on the hit list. Hopefully, if I can find the time, I'll be looking at final construction this weekend coming up, then I can begin to weather the whole machine.

Any comments or advice are always welcome. 

Till next time 


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