Thursday, 16 June 2011

Heads up! Chaos Reaver Titan gets a noggin'

Well, 2 updates in a week, I'm flying back into this project :-)

Now, its time for one of the best bits. I've tried so hard to save this til near the end. I've seen so many titan logs that start off with some guy build a titan's foot(coz that's the right way to start) then watch as they get bored and jump to painting the crew figures and head. After that, there's no motivation there, so the rest of the resin stays in its bags.

So I tried to keep it in the bag, so to speak. Another reason to save it till the end is that I knew it would be the focus point of the model. Everyone who sees it will want to have a good lean in and see the reaver's millenia old features.

With this in mind, I wanted to get the rest of the miniature close to how it'll look in the end, to see what is required of the head. Will it look good the same as the rest of the model or will that look bland? Would free hand look good with the rest of the armour shades? 

First up was the interior. Pretty standard 40 cockpit really. Though Very hard to take a good picture of! 

After the boss and his mates, I base coated the shell

After a bit of deliberation, I decided to go with a lighter version of the regular armour tone I've been using. 
Queue my spongy friend...

 So I'm pretty happy with how its turning out so far really.

Every titan needs a good banner, I think. I didn't do this on my previous effort and I think it suffers for it. 

Pretty WIP, but you get the idea.

If you're in this position, I don't think I can help you! An infantry mans view!

Keep the comments and all coming, Thanks for those so far.

Till next time.



  1. Completely awesome work. I've seen a lot of people use sponge for weathering, but not for full on highlighting. The effect you're getting is incredible. You're going straight onto my blog roll!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I've added you to my roll in return :-)

  3. Extremely awesome paintjob, as usual! But I am afraid the banner is too small. How about looking for some nice banners in the internet or create a own one and print it out and harden it via diluted PVA?

    And between the legs would be a better place for a banner in my opinion.

  4. Here is the blog where I show off my banners on the Reaver I did. Ron Saikowsky over at From The Warp did them. Just as an idea.

  5. Hi, thanks for the input stempe. I agree the banner is a tad to small at this stage. Though I don't think it should be to much bigger. I think, taking inspiration from the inner geek's banners, I might extend it to form a twin tailed banner. I've had to put the reaver on pause for a week or two though, I have a 3000 point game in a couple of weeks and only 1500 points painted!


  6. The Reaver is around 1500 points isn't it? Problem solved!