Saturday, 27 July 2013

Retribution of Scyrah

So, um, been awhile. I pretty much let the blog fall by the way side for a few months. In fact, half a year. Its not something I intended to do, but real life, as ever managed to get in the way. Houses to decorate, kittens to feed, work to do, it all certainly adds up. Once you lose the momentum, blogging becomes a hard thing for me to get back into. However, i'm back, at least for the minute, to show all about what i've been working on.

During my months off the internet, I painted a retribution army for warmachine...

This is the first model i painted for the army, Adeptis Rahn. As soon as I saw Rahn's play style, I knew he was for me. I thought i'd struggle to recreate the studio colour scheme, so i tried something a little darker.

 Thats all.