Sunday, 12 February 2012

Deathjack, Bonejacks, Ho!

I've been really hammering out the painted stuff for the last month or so, if you haven't been keeping up with me recently. This week has been no exception, and today I've got a bunch of 'jacks for my cryx army to look at.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I'd joined a new gaming club. Turns out we're all off to the WPS club challenge in Nottingham come may. I've entered into the warmachine steam roller side of the tournament, so between now and then, I've really got to get my game together. There's a good few months of list building and practise to come, and I'm really going to try and get the games in much as I can.

This means the blog may become more of a practise report than a painting blog for a bit!

Any way, on to the latest offering...

If I'm getting serious about the tournament scene, then I'm going to have to get some models with some power behind them on the table. Where better to start than cryx's heaviest, the mighty Deathjack? 

I like how this guy has turned out in my colour scheme. OK, so none of my stuff is mega converted but I think warmachine models are best pure.

Perhaps best seen on this pic, I tried out the privateer version of glow, mixed with my own theory on the deathjack's furnace. I think it looks quite good. or at least better than the effect I got on scaverous...

Next up, a pair of the crazy new flapper guys for the cryxians, scavengers.

Not gonna lie, I bought these guys out of pure novelty, and don't know how many competitive lists they'll make it into. Having said that, one of them got the killing hit on the butcher in my last game at the club, with a little help from scaverous!

Well fun to paint and play with. couldn't help but laugh to myself making and painting the little fellas.

Continuing the Sunday bonejack medley, I picked up a couple of ripjaws, just to give me more arcing options in my lists.

To finish for today, I also got a helldiver. not used him properly in a game yet, so report to follow.

Not quite as fun to paint as scavengers, but still, looks OK to my eyes.

Well, that's it for the moment, now I've actually run out of cryx models to paint, well at least until the next order arrives...


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