Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Showing Some Backbone, Trollblood Krielstone bearer and Stonescribes.

I've finished more of my WPS Challenge Army list painting. I only have 3 and half weeks to get the rest of it finished now, and time is starting to running out for the project. 

I've now sent in my army list, so I know exactly what is left to paint, and its not going to be easy. its doesn't help that last minute changes to the army have meant painting more models.

Core of the army, finally time for some infantry. First up, and staple blueblood choice, The Krielstone bearer and Stonescribes unit, with Unit attachment.

Painting these guys, you can really tell they were from the first wave of troll releases. Not that the models are bad, but in places they are a little flat compared to privateer press' latest efforts. Nevertheless, its a unit painted and ready for the battlefield. 

Coming up soon, I have champions, fennblades and a host of solos. 

Keep a close eye. Now I've got hit the painting table, so much to do!


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