Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The WPS Club challenge 2012, Tournament report Part 2

As a continuation from yesterday's post, the report from the WPS challenge conclusion.

At the start of the day, the current rankings were read out. We weren't last a a club, which was a surprise in itself. nor 7th, nor in fact 6th. We had landed 5th by the start of day 2. We were all pleasantly surprised.

I went into day 2 with one clear goal, and that was to end up with at least a 50-50 Win loss ratio. As this was my first proper tournament, I figured if I could end up with that, I'd be happy that I'd shown at least a bit of skill. As I'd only won one on the first day, this would prove to be a challenge, as I'd really have to win both of my games on day two. With a mild hangover, I approached the round four match ups to find out I had placed against...

Game 4: Cygnar: Mark Coultas.

Looking at Mark's army lists I saw one way or the other he was going to try and blow me away from range. I was to either face siege brisbane or epic caine. My two lists being jarl's trickery gunfighter skills or the madrak brick, I figured the ammount of armour piercing this guy brought, madrak would have been taken down before I got anywhere. I knew I'd never catch caine with him, so I went for Jarl. Mark chose Caine, so it was indeed pistols at dawn. This also meant I wasn't locked into a caster for game 5 as it was divide and conquer. Unfortunately, I knew this would meant my warwagon getting blasted to bits on turn two. This is exactly what happened. on my second I responded by wreaking a hunter with my Bomber and engaging a second Hunter with my champions. Mark Hit back and tremored them with ol' rowdy before charging in with storm guard to cause some damage. Between my champion hero and Jarl I cleared the storm guard and managed to get a charge on caine with skaldi bonehammer, applying the pressure. He missed his attacks, but is force caine to make his move. Mark loaded him with focus from the squire, Flattened bonehammer with a storm guard and caine advanced just into range of Jarl. Unfortunately for mark, after he'd popped his feat for the those powerful damage shots, he missed his first shot. Jarl, having evasive, dodged back 2'', luckily for me, sparing the plucky highwayman from 7 focus of bullets, and leaving Caine exposed to my own guns. In my turn, my impaler used his animus on jarl, granting me the aiming bonus as the two gun fighter's both have the same range, and He puled the trigger. To on target shots Earned my my second win of the tournament. 

Firestorm Games' transport.

By this point, the sun was high again and it was getting hot. People's concentration was waning, But i knew I wanted the third win. This was going to be a tough. 

Game 5: Trollbloods: Alun Evans.  

As soon as I drew trolls, I knew I'd be in for a hard ride. I've never fought them before, and there's always a slog playing your own faction. Alun is a nice bloke, who knows exactly what he is doing with his trolls. I was feeling the pressure and heat, and made an absolute mess of my game plan. I don't know what I was thinking, but I pretty much gave it to him on a plate. I deployed most of my force to go and claim the control points, whilst leaving a Bomber and the fennblades to guard mine. What I forgot was the house between my divided force, and it was a simple matter for Alun to clear his objective with nyss hunters and watch me squirm as i realised I was going to lose the next turn. Jarl tried to bounce magic bullets of the opposing warwagon and into calandra, but they simply got transferred away and that was that. If i could go back in time and replay this game, I would. I knew exactly what I should've done and just didn't so I deserved what i got. I feel had I got this game first, it would have been equal to my game against Riche Paget, being more of a closer call, but it turns out, my lack of stamina is the real enemy. 


So with the games finished, there was time for a quick beer before the results, then to the moment of truth. Well in short, individually, we got nothing. None of us placed, or got best painted, or won sportsmanship. 

But then, a surprise. In the club level standings, our 40k boys managed to scoop third. I've never seeing our club chairman, Rob, look so happy since I've known him. we even have the shield to prove it.

So the final standing we announced. It got to 5th and we hadn't been mentioned. Wow, we must've gained a place. Nor were we 4th. Some how, we'd managed to place. Although only third, we were all ecstatic! For a club that had barely tournamented before to turn up and land 3rd was amazing for us. 

Above us and deservedly so, were the Dragon Slayers, who seamed to be the best sportsmen of the whole weekend, and taking the crown for 2012, were the Terra Nova Gryphons.

Although I walked away with nothing but these charity dice, I had a great weekend, and I look forward to going back next year to play for a place once more. 


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