Sunday, 22 April 2012

Trollblood Light Warbeasts, Troll Axer and Troll Bouncer

I've been hard at work on the trolls these last few weeks. I've got 5 weeks after this one to get the two 50 point lists ready and painted for the WPS club challenge. So far, you're seen a couple of lights, a Dire troll and Jarl Skuld, my first Warlock. These two will round of all the beasts I'll need for the beasts, with the possible addition of a Dire troll bomber if I get round to it.

So first up, a troll Axer. I painted this guy when I first start the trolls, but I've not got round to posting him up yet. I'm quite happy with the battered metal of his armour, an effect I achieved with several layers of sponging highlights and rust coloured paint following a gunmetal basecoat and black armour wash.

I am a fan of the little whelp sticking his head out too!

 The bouncer is a more recent addition to the army. Same paint job again and it works just as well on his big shield.

And the rear shot the same.

Both of these beast will be in my second army list, lead my Madrak Ironhide, as they fit hime much better than Skuld.

So that's it for the minute, though I do have a backlog of models to post on here I've painted so far. I have a couple of infantry units to post, and I've been building a warwagon this last week too...

Keep your eyes out, 


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Jarl Skuld, The Devil of the Thornwood.

By now, I've defiantly decided it s trollbloods for me at the WPS tournament in may. I've been practising hard, and when not playing, I've been painting up the blue men to get 2 50 point steamroller armies ready for the event. This is why I've not posted for a week or two.

Anyway, one of the Warlocks that jumped out at me when I first looked at the trolls, was the new guy, Jarl Skuld. Looking at his rules he's got more tricks up his sleeve than the average trollblood. This probably appeals to my inner cryx player.

So here he is, ready to shoot folk up for their money. By which I mean, for the good of the Thornwood kriels.

I'm Getting the hang of painting from white now, and I'd like to say its improving my painting skills somewhat. It forces you to be more thorough, otherwise you'll be left with glaring white in all the recesses. This is also my first attempt at troll tartan. I'm not sure how well it turned out on him, but there's time to practise!

That's it for the minute, but there's plenty more to come.