Monday, 11 February 2013

Dark Angels Command Squad and Devastators.

The Tournament at MAWS is approching fast, and I've got to get my Dark angels finished by then. Its on sunday. Ah. 

Well, to be honest, I shouldn't be to bad. I've got a good chunk of them finished now. I have a dreadnought and a Librarian to finish this week and I'm golden. I don't have any full painting days between now and then, however, so I've just got evenings to work with.

I've hammered out the last two squads this week. Firstly, my command squad, with my lynchpin/bullet magnet model, the standard bearer hoisting the standard of devastation. One thing I will say about buying second hand stuff, is that you get a random collection of models. The empire banner top wasn't a conversion of mine, it came to me like that. I quite liked it though, so he stayed. Also, I'm loving the 2nd Ed apothecary! 

Next up, bringing some support to the field, the devastators. Pictures are somewhat rushed to be honest, but I have a good reason for that too, which I will explain in a minute... 

The squad is in 2 combat squads, for obvious reasons given the weapons they're carrying. I can honestly say after painting this lot, I have got the hang of painting the Dark Angels chapter symbol on shoulder pads.

So, as I mentioned, I rushed these photos a little. The reason being that I just found out the scythe and teacup in liverpool is hosting a Warmachine and Hordes hardcore qualifier in april. This is probably old news to the Warmahordes community, but I've not been keeping up with them recently. I've very tempted to enter but that gives me a hard deadline. To get 50 points of warmachine painted and practised with in 8 weeks? Holy moly, the clock is a tickin'...



  1. I really like the white tabards. The fact you've chosen grey as opposed to the standard ivory [which I'll probably do] means your dirt effects really stand out, which would probably be less so on a warmer colour. I really love the greens too, in particular the power sword sergeant with the Heavy Bolter Devastators is awesome.

  2. Nicely done, the robes especially.