Saturday, 2 August 2014

Imperial Sabre Jetfighter, Part two.

Well, i've contuned to build the Imperial jet fighter, the conversion from the orky dakka jet. Since last time, I've made pretty good progress. I think I'm pretty much there on the building side of things. Just a couple of decisions need making before I get the airbrush out.

I've got the missiles set in place now. After that it was really a case of tidying up, tying up lose ends before painting really.

I've added some imperial aquilas to set the tone a little more. The clear canopies aren't glued down here, just to clear that up. I'm not sure on weather to add the tail fins at all. They could go either at the top, or the bottom of the tail, but when they're on they add quite a lot to the bulk of the jet and revert it to it's orky state a little to much for my tastes. 

As you can see in this shot, the plane does have a more sleek look about it without them.

Another view straight down the length of the plane. Showing drilled out stubber barrels and clear canopies removed. 

 Underside of the plane, with orky gaps filled and covered. I'm not sure weather to add additional fuel tanks under the wings too. I don't know if it might end up looking to much like a bomber, and perhaps over burdened with 6 missiles under the wings too.

Overall, I'm really enjoying this project. Its something totally different, that If i'm honest, is probably going to lead to me making more fliers in the future!


  1. Very nice work! Regarding drop fuel tanks, you could go with wing tip tanks. Would be fitting with the souce planes.

    You might want to switch out some of the current missiles for smaller ones, which would help with the "bomber" vs. "fighter" look.

    And you need some sort of tail elevators. Possibly shorter ones attached to the body directly? I forget what options you have with the ork kit, but I am pretty sure there is something you could addapt, possibly by cutting it shorter.

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