Wednesday, 23 March 2011

D'yer like Daags?

So the Challenge of raising an Apocalypse ready army in time for summer has begun! Plenty of models have now arrived for me to start working on, and more are on the way. I've rumaged through bits boxes and have found the best bits.

So the first model I've been working on? What could it be? Maybe a super heavy? A baneblade? Could even be a Titan? Maybe 10 leman russ?

Well no... Its this hound...

I found a bunch of various chaos hounds, both regular and flesh hounds, kicking around in my bits boxes. Old school though they maybe, when you've got 6000 points to paint, beggars can't be chosers. There's alot of them... So far I've painted 20 out of 30. It took me two night's work, which I'm pleased with. They're basic, to say the least, but they're done.

After the hounds, come the rebels. I've started building some of my rebel guardsmen, to see how they turn out. I'm using catachans, because those massive arms everyone hates, I think will lend themselves well to corrupted flesh tones. I did have to do something about the heads though, so in step Pig Iron Productions. If you don't know these guys, google it and order some heads. They're a really fast service and reasonably priced if you're planning on buying loads of heads like me....

The base on the heavy weapons team I've built up with milliput, so when I add the mud effect same as the dogs, it'll start to look like this army is going to be ploughing through a muddy hell of a battlefield. Fabulous!

With the gods on my side(the dark ones, obviously) this army will get of the ground and become the stuff of legends!!

Till next time.


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  1. Great title, they look good. Best way to paint if you've set yourself a tight deadline or else you start finding facing all the detail on that next model/squad starts to get to you. Afterall you have the rest of time to go back and touch them up if you choose to!