Saturday, 19 March 2011

Status Update

Well, its been a busy commissioned month or two for me, but now I've finally got a bit of time off my painting to have a relax and settle into my new job. Haha, or so I thought...

First bit of news, is that I've put a few things up on ebay this week, now I've got some time. Check out the sales if you fancy, right here:

Ok, so now my shameless plug is out the way, on to the next bit of news. With regret, now I've started my new job, in order to keep my sanity, I will no longer be accepting commissoned work.
I've had no time for my own projects, not to mention girlfriend, job and mates over the last few weeks, so I'm going to have to put a cap on it.

Finally, here is a reason I need the time. Between me and the lads, we've decided this summer is going to be apocalypse 2011. Now those who know me well enough, will look at the ebay link above, and realise those dark eldar are my only playable army at the minute...

So the apocalypse challenge is on. Its now the 19th march. I have till approximatley june/july to get an army together for it. I probably need 5 or 6 thousand points. This is going to take dedication...

I'm throwing myself in at the deep end.

Chaos is coming to Southport, in a big way. Currently 230 infantry models are winging their way to me in the post. Most are zombies. Theres plenty of guardsmen. The horde is on its way. The tide is rising.

But the beast has to have a leader, and a hero of mine is currantly fighting for his life on a forgotten backwater planet... 

***Heretical profile 366E***
#  The paradise planet Thraxis is threatened by a unknown hive fleet splinter. Facing their darkest hour, the planet's considerable wealth is ploughed into fortifications and almost complete milliterization.
Several Imperial Guard Regiments have been raised from surrounding planets and even systems, including the 1st Thraxis regiment. The hive fleet is defeated but at what cost? Thraxis has degenerated into an industrial nightmare.
Where Industry doesn't dominate, the lush park lands and estates have been transformed into almost inhospitable swampland due to lingering tyranid spores.

#  40 years has passed with thraxis now paying its tithes in weapons and guardsmen rather than fine clothes and spices. The 2nd Thraxis' are formed as a PDF, primarilly tasked with hunting down any tyranids xenoforms left behind by the attack. Due to the increasing patrols into the wilderness, the 2nd have aquired the nickname 'The Swamp Stompers'

#  10 years after The Swamp Stompers' founding, a number of mysterious plague like creatures reveal themselves in the planet's capital, Valchide. Cloaked in midnight, the creatures have become almost impossible to pin down in the maze of underground factories and warehouses. The population has become supressed by hundreds of brutal murders, and rumours of these attaks have reached the ears of several inquisitorial agents who have begun an investigation into the attacks. Rumours of xenos, midnight deamons and conspiracy are rife, and even the city's govenor, Samuel Kronk IV falls victim to the attacks before the Emperor's agents can finish off the mysterious cult leader.

# After the elimination of the tyranids, the Swamp Stompers have grown restless after almost 4 years out of action. The regiment's name has become a byword for contraband, drink and drug circles. The Swamp Stompers only Commissar, tries to crack down on such behavour, and becomes hated by the men, more than feared. In a brutal episode, he is cut down by a young leuitentant, who lead one of the drug rings in a raid on a contraband shipment. The leuitenant, in a drug fuelled rage, kills not only the commissar's aides, but his own bodyguards and partners in crime. 

# Controlling the regiment's intake of drink and drugs, the officer has his superiors at his feet, and quickly takes over command of the entire regiment. He then marches on Valchide City, his men cutting down the population in a berserk rage, claiming the Emperor's rule a tyranny.

# Contact is lost with Thraxis as a massive warp storm engulfs the entire sub sector.

# A year later, once again Inquistion investigate Thraxis, but find only a corrupted shell of a city, and indeed planet. Of The Swamp Stompers, nothing is found. Exterminatus is ordered to purge the taint from Thraxis, as a result 'Dominatus' a battlebarge from the Burning Drakes chapter of Astartes is oprdered to bombard the planet with atomic warheads.

# Three planets each report attacks from rebel forces fitting the swamp stomper's description in the Thraxis system, before falling to chaos. Each govenor found dead, having overdosed on a cocktail of combat drugs, with the word 'Tanks' Branded into their chests. This kind of attack becomes common, as the Mysterious 'Tanks' burns the Thraxis system in the name of unspeakable gods.

# On the agri-world of lemonion, a large plague fleet from the death guard legion breaks the warp just as the rebels conquer the planet. Instead of re-enforcing the rebels, they assault them with deamonic allies. The deamon prince known as 'J'minark' destroys 'Tanks' in single combat at the Southern Hemishphere star port . Leaderless, the Swamp Stompers fall back in disarray and confusion.

# The blood god, khorne, had been watching 'Tanks' since he bloodily murdered his superiors back on Thraxis, and choses this moment to play his hand. Before Tanks' spirit falls to the warp, khorne's followers transport him away from grandfather nurgle's minions, and to the safety of a khornate warband on a long forgotten world. Awaking mid bout with mighty chaos champion, 'Tanks' empties his bolt pistol's last clip into the Warband's leader, and pitches him from his deamonic mount. This act comfirms his leadership of the warband, and he marches his new followers south to earn glory for his new master with sword and shield.

# Meanwhile, the surviving Swamp Stompers regroup under a new leader. Heavily augmented due to his body ravaged by years of drug abuse, the new leader marches on the world of Longthorn II, in support of a rebel astates warband previously unknown by the Imperium. The combined effort of the space wolves chapter, Local PDF and the God machines of the Adeptus mechanicus, under the command of General Bainbridge, push the heretics back to their landing site, and off the planet, where they make the jump blindly into warp space.

# Emerging into the Maelstrom, The Swamp Stompers are forced to sell themselves to the highest bidder in order to survive, and haven't been heard from since...

# On a long forgotten world, 'Tanks' Takes the skull from his 17th enemy general...

Where do we go from here? Tune in to find out!

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