Thursday, 15 December 2011

Warmachine Terrain: Throgmorton and Swift's, 'jack repairs while you wait!

So these last couple of weeks while I've been waiting for some more Cryx to turn up, I 've been planing and have started building some terrain to play Warmachine over.

I want to make a small company holdings, somewhere in the countryside, though I'm not sure where. I think it's going to be a labour 'jack repair shop and surrounding area. perfect place to skirmish over. so I've started the first of two or three buildings that will make up the property. Firstly, the living area/office building:

Just built from foam board, balsa and my cryx starter box, box :-P Not the highest quality I know, but hopefully it'll be game able. Just a test to see how difficult it is to make buildings.

After this, I knocked together some fences and a gateway for linear obstacles.

The fences are going to get plasticard metal sheeting over the top half of the front and some rivets for extra steam punk.
 Next is the framework to the workshop building. I'm aware of just making 3 big line of sight blocking chunks of terrain, so the workshop is going to have a wide open double door at each side to stop that effect. It will also have a removable roof so models will be able to get placed in and out easy enough. This will probably mean a degree of interior detail too.

This is all so far. Hopefully more to follow!



  1. You may be able to take some of the headache out of making details by buying sets of architectural details online. You might want to check out some of my "Resource"s or useful "e-bay shops" from my blog.

  2. These look brill! I look forward to smashing jacks to bits on them!