Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cryxian Re-enforcements, Reaper Helljack and Black Ogrun

Now Christmas is out of the way I've finally found sometime to crack on with some modelling and painting for the cryx army I'm trying to build.

So far, I'd just painted the starter battle force box, but I've since ordered a handful of stuff to get me started on an army proper. I'm still very much trying to get my head around the mark 2 rules, so I've just started by browsing battle college and taking what caught my eye, that I hadn't taken in my previous cryx army a few years ago.

So to start with, I bought a new heavy, just to give me options. I've gone with a reaper because i wanted to see how useful it is with it's upgraded drag rules from mark 1. So far its only been as disappointing as it was the first time, but i have time to work on that.

To carry on the theme of dragging folk around, I bought a black ogrun boarding party. I figure if I can get a decent amount of board control between the two it might be able to open up some options for assassination runs and so forth.

Even though they look like monkeys, these models were great fun to paint. I also only realised warmachine units come in 'model A, B, C...' to late... 

In other news, I've found a couple of local gaming nights that I plan on starting to attend, so hopefully I can get some games in and train my mind to play the game again. The first meeting I'm going to is next week so I'll report my results in my next blog! 

Til then


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