Thursday, 19 January 2012

More Warmachine, The Lord Exhumator, Croe, and The Glamorous Assistant!

I think I've got my painting head back on for the start of 2012, thankfully. I'm starting to settle back in to the privateer worlds and games too, I've given the mark 2 practise games some hammer recently. 

Based almost entirely on the model, I bought my first none starter box caster for the cryx army, and I'm determined to learn how to use him, despite several defeats so far. 

So first up, it's Lord Exhumator Scaverous. 

I tried The Osl method from the Cryx Faction book on his face, but I'm not overly pleased with the results to be honest. I think I'll stick to my method in future, a la the slayer from a couple of posts back. 

Playing games with this guy has been hard so far. I suffered 7 or 8 crushing defeats in a row with him over the last 3 weeks or so, but I managed to claw back a win a couple of days ago. This has boosted my confidence enough to carry on running him, at least for a while longer. 

After a few games running him with Black ogrun and a handful of 'jacks, I realised to get anything out of Scaverous I need units with some serious synergy to support the big guy. After scouring the lists, I hit on the idea of taking Croe's Cutthroats, as I can use telekinesis to get those back strikes Croe's gang love so much. Also, a nice change from painting purple.

Finally for today, the guy no 'caster should be without, a Scarlock thrall. Admittedly, I painted him in a hurry to get him ready for a game a couple of weeks back. If nothing else, the soul looks good!

There's more coming soon, Including a review of the new gaming club I've started to attend, and the second part of throgmorton and swift's!


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  1. Looking good mate. I think your selling yourself down on Mr Spikey Pants though imo, he looks good.