Thursday, 26 January 2012

Skarrifaction... Cryx Style.

My modelling surge continues. This time its my second 'caster, pSkarre.

I was looking forward to painting this model since I started back with mark 2. Mainly because I saw the studio version and wished I was that good. 
It was the face that really captured the look for me, which I knew I had to do my best to match. When I came to paint her, I started with the face, knowing that if I did a good job, it'd spur me on to do a good job with the rest of the model. 

I got as far as almost the last highlight and realised I'd make a mess of the model I was looking forward to most... one second base coat later and I started the thing again. The pictures here are of the second try. 
OK, so it's no PPS fluffy, but I'm kinda proud of it. I've never painted in enough detail to paint a model's make-up before, so that's a first for me. 

What I took from the experience, is that when painting character models, where you only get one shot, sometimes its much better to have two. 

One of the things I like about painting Warmachine, is that I can keep a consistent army colour, but it seems easy enough to use different colours on specific models and they still fit in. 
On skarre's cloak here, I wanted to get across the sea faring aspect, in that, she's a pirate. I think the blue tone I've hit does well for the sea theme. I probably wont use it again, but I think she'll still fit in with the purple of the rest of the army. 

Anyway, that's plenty of rambling. 


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