Friday, 9 March 2012

The Great White Trollblood Challenge!

I don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time I painted something from a white basecoat.
Black is a much more forgiving colour, shades itself, and fits my painting style well.

However, with the upcoming tournament for Warmachine, and me having now got my feet firmly planted in the mark 2 rules, I realised there's a whole other tactical angle I've not even thought about yet.


When we played mark 1, we stopped about 6 months after hordes was first released. We didn't give it much of a chance really, but now, Hordes is a whole other animal. Also, at the time of writing, I currently know no hordes players. This means I don't know how to fight them.

So without trying to make people play hordes just for my benefit, how do I learn the system? A guy I know was selling some trollbloods from mark 1, so I bought them up and am going to teach myself the basics of fury management before I get steamrolled by hordes players at the tourny in May.

I also saw this as a chance to challenge my painting skills too, as the trolls have a very cartoon looking style, my regular grim dark painting just wont do. I need bright bold colours, and for that, I need a white primer.

So its a twin challenge. Firstly, to teach myself what to expect from hordes, and second, to change my painting to fit the hungry trolls.

So I started off with my first Trollblood model, the impaler. Yep, out of focus I know, but its 2 primed models, what do you need?

Ok, so a bit of brush work and...

I've finished the first impaler, and he looks like this:

I'm quite happy with him, but he took maybe twice the time he would've with a black undercoat. Do the ends justify the means? I'm not quite sure yet.

So hopefully, I can get a small army of these guys painted up soon.

I'll be a step by step of how to paint troll skin this week too for any who want it.


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