Thursday, 1 March 2012

Man of Adamantium, Iron Hand Straken. Stupid decisions

So who remembers my rebel guard army from last year? No one..? OK, not a problem. Well anyway, if you've noticed, I recently joined the lost boys gaming club in southport, and I noticed they're holding a 40k tournament this weekend, on the 3rd march.

I hadn't paid it any attention, til last weekend, just 7 days before the tournament, where I suddenly decided entering a tournament for a game system I've not played in months, and never was any good at, was a good idea. 

Wait, what?

To late, ticket bought. Shit.

So, OK, I've got 3 games of 40k to play, with an army that was built for apocalypse last year. Meta game? I don't even know whats good anymore. OK, I'm not panicking. I have a plan....

The last 2 guard armies I've played have had commissars. The latest one has Commissars and power weapons. Last weekend I started leafing through the 'guard codex to find me a plan...

Soon after, it became clear, I needed a hero.

Not just any hero.

A hero that can make a guard army with power weapons not only hold the line, but bite back!

A hero that lives by pulling people's behind's out of the fire!

A hero, I, somewhere at the bottom of a bits box, had an old school 3rd edition model of!

I'm talking about tough as old boots, swearing like the pissed off trooper he is, been in so many fights and come out alive, Col 'Iron hand' Straken, of course!

One quick paint job enough to get him on the board, and the tough of bastard is ready to rock and roll.

After I built him a horde of guardsmen ready to march into certain meta game death, with as many rapid firing guns for sheer desperation factor, I had 15pts left to spend, and a bunch of old bits boxes worth of models.

One such model was dying to be included in the army, now newly promoted from 'forgotten about' to, 'Col Straken's right hand bodguard'. 

So we're ready. The 2nd Thraxis Swamp Stompers stand ready to march to war and throw themselves under the guns of the 40k universe once again. 

The best I can hope for is to hold the line. The worse, I think I might find out how many models people can remove in a single turn.

So until next time, Where i shall report on my lack of success.


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