Monday, 31 December 2012

How To Paint a Chaos Warhound Titan: Part two, The base.

Well, I've finally managed to get over a serious bout of crippled computer syndrome(well, enough to write a blog anyhow) and I'm back with an update on my Chaos Warhound titan. Due to the computer being down for a few weeks, I've got plenty of hobbying material to write about in the first few weeks of the new year. Keep you're eyes peeled.

So last time on the titan project, I'd cracked open the box and started pinning leg joints together like there was no tomorrow and got the the point of getting the machine stood up, and his base had been roughly cut out of MDF. 

After this, I started to neaten up the base, and begun the thankless task of cutting out paving slabs from plasticard. I used the base of an imperial guard sensor array to make a grid, just like I did with the reaver a year ago, in order to keep the theme running. I also added to cities of death lamp posts(thanks to meganutz from warseer), to help add a sense of scale.

I've tried to keep the stonework varied, as the model has such a large base, it breaks it up on the eye a bit.

You can see in this shot how right hand side of the base the base will eventually will end up. The tiles here will be painted in a black and white checkerboard scheme, and the large plasticard filler pieces will be cut up into smaller paving slabs. 

A quick shot showing how the foot will cover up the damage its caused.

Once I'd got the base to this stage and dry, I got the dremel out and started cleaning up and pinning again. The space on this shot between the foot and the street level with be filled with battlefield debris.

Another good afternoon on my Christmas break well spent and we're starting to fit the machine together some more. You may notice(hopefully) these last to shots are a little clearer, due to getting a new HD camera for Christmas, so hopefully I can get a little more practiced with it and bring you all some better pictures.

Until the next time, more updated are on the way!


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