Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Snakebite Orks.

Hey folks, it's new project time. So bearing in mind I've been playing a whole load of warmachine recently I've decided its time to get back into the swing of things with 40k. I say recently I mean the last 8 months. I've not even played the latest edition yet. So, time to get up to to date with the rules and build myself a new army to play with.

A few months ago, I won a decent job lot of GW Orks from everyone's favorite auction site. They were it pretty bad condition. but fortunately they had been built with superglue, so it makes for easy rebuilding! I paid about £30, and I got almost 70 boyz plus a whole load of other bits and pieces.

As I've got many grown up things to be doing with my money in the coming year, I'm going to be doing this one on a budget. 

So green skins has been sat there, but what kind of army to make? For me, the strength in 40k comes hands down, with the modelling and painting. I don't really care how many games I win, so long as we can have a good laugh doing it. The obvious place to start is to pick a clan. Everyone has favorite. 

The goffs, I've done a big old army of them in the past. I do have a bit of a 'already done them' opinion here. 

Evil sunz. This was my first plan. However, I realized I'd bought loads of boyz and no trukks. This, bearing in mind the budget, kicked that plan out. 

Bad moons. Again, I've done these guys before, so they're out. 

Deffskulls. A solid orky favorite of many I know. Weirdly though, I always find deffskull armies a tad uninspired. They're always numerous because most people have plenty of imperials guns left around in bits boxes. I don't want to blend into the crowd now. 

Snakebites. Now here's something. I thought about snake bites quite a lot. I fact I googled imaged searched them, and it didn't turn up a huge amount of results. However, this inspired me further. Quite often with this blog, I aim to post some articles I can't find anywhere else on the web. At this point a plan start forming. 

I got hold of a bunch of cheap fantasy orc bits, and started building. Now the first boyz are starting to roll of the production line.

This is look I'm going for. The aim was to get a muted, natural looking skin tone, but It definitely had to be green. Pretty rusty gear interm of the metallics, I can't see these boyz really looking after their stuff to well.

So the first 5 boyz are getting there. I know I wanted warpaint to feature quite a lot. There's also quite a few conversions planned for this army, There's fantasy orc bits all over the place, There are also going to be quite a lot of sculpted furs and ponchos. I'm going to try and improve my sculpting skills with this army. I want quite some dark tones, but not so it sucks all the fun and games out of the orks.

Some picture of in progress nobz. I plan of bring back the orky hair look! I think it was a big snakebite thing in the 90's I plan on my own versions showing up in this army. Some of these nobz were from the assault on black reach set. Hopefully I've disguised them ok.

Also, shields will feature quite heavily in this army, to get across the slightly backward nature of the snakebites. I'm going to do a unit with heavy armour with loads of extre metal plate and furs, with each boy carrying a shield.

Big shoulder plates and combi skorchas show this grizzled veteran shows business. I have plenty planned for this army, and I don't plan on rushing it. More to follow, so keep an eye out.


  1. These guys are looking good. Can't wait to see how these develop. I have been out of 40k for a long time too (I also play orks) so let us know how games go

  2. Wow! You got some great ideas! I'm starting my own waagh! And I want to have orks from different tribes joined together. I'm keeping track of your blog to see your progress.
    Good luck ork buddy!

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