Thursday, 24 February 2011

Heavy Metal

More tanks, more tanks.... The second installment of the Windor 414th continental deployment Armoured divison, Two mighty Russ.

I was utterly astounded to find the latest leman russs kit DOESN'T come with a 'dozer blade. That was the best part of the old kit.

These tanks, along with the chimeras in the previous blog, are part of a commission I'm painting at the moment for a tournament playing guard general. I think this is why to wanted a fully plasma'd executioner and fully heavy boltered punisher! You wouldn't get me fielding that!

He wanted the Lightning stike through the scroll work embelm on each vehicle, after spotting it on my previous Windor 414th army's Valkryies.

Keep watching for more red armoured goodness.


1 comment:

  1. You gotta love tanks!

    I thought that the new Russ kit was well below the mark made by the last kit. Not only does it not come with a dozer blade, but it suffers from a complete lack of detail and very blocky features. Not a fan!

    So im asking Forgeworld to provide them for me, but that comes at a hefty price!