Saturday, 12 February 2011

Ice, Flow, No where to go...

So one of many projects I've got coming up is a 4'x4' goaming board I'm working on. I've got around £120 to spend, to get a board together designed for small games of 40k. around 500-1000 points.

I decided to do a winter themed board, mainly to fit in with my dark eldar's pallette and bases, but also because i'd be something different.

I'm going to make an imperial fortified position, using buildings from AMERA's future zone range. If you've never heard of these guys, google the name. They do really cheap big terrain. I bought the bunkers on you see here and it cost me only around the £25 mark. and already thats plenty of line of sight blocking terrain to hide behind.

I painted the buildings with winsor and newtons 'sand texture gel', which is basically sand in paint. I'd reccomend just buying some sand and paint tbh. It'd be a few quid saved. I added some details from imperial kits from my bits box, and hey presto.

Now, the next terrain issue I need to address. If you've ever been to a GW shop to play games, you'd be aware that the citadel gaming wood box contains one base, one shrivelled tree(stood up) and one shrivelled tree(doesn't fit in the base) right?

If you, like me, have ever wondered how your troops manage to hide under those two rocks on the base to claim their 4+ cover save, then wonder no more. The box set actually contains 3 trees, and bundles and bundles on leaves and foliage to put on them. Once contruction is completed, you actually get a fine respectable set of trees!

I bagged myself 4 boxes of these from, for a tidy saving. £12.60 a box.

So now, as I type this, it's 9.21 on saturday morning and the board currently looks like this:

As i've got many other projects to start work on, I'm challenging myself to complete this board by 6pm this evening.

So on the to do list is:

  1. Take a shopping trip to get, some brown/umber spray paint. Some GW white spray. Some terracotta acrylic, and a set of dice and templates. Oh, and dark angels green.
  2. Paint the bunkers terracotta, pick out details.
  3. Spray trees brown, pick out leaves and rocks.
  4. Dust trees, Buildings and the boards with Grey, then White spray for a frost effect.
  5. If I've got time and feeling upto it, pull some snow effect on everything.
After this, it should be looking something like. Wish me luck!



  1. I've wondered about Amera's terrain's nice to see it on the table. Looks good, can't wait to see more progress on your table

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