Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Like a proud parent...

One of the greatest things about this hobby, is that there's always scope for improvement. From the newest beginner on Sunday morning, to the greatest golden daemon winner, your painting skill always improve.

Every so often, we paint a model that we know, will stand out from the rest of the army. Whether you've managed to perfect a new technique, of if you've managed to get your head around a different style, sometimes you've just got to be proud of what you managed to pull off last night.

You know when you have this feeling, because as you go into the next games night after completing such a model, you don't care about games, you just want to go in there and ask everyone, 'Have you seen my new model, by the way??' In fact we probably do just that. It's not being big headed, its knowing you've got better, and here's the proof.

This time its me who's managed to do just that.

Last night I finished this incubi, of which I am very proud. I think its a combination of the purpley grey glaze that I've managed to blend back into white on his helmet, with the muted grey palette, and some highlights I found particularly fine to pull off.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do! Now I just have to get the rest of the squad the same. These models really are a joy to paint though, I'd reccomend them to any dark eldar player.

Til next time



  1. Very nice mate! need some larger pictures though. You always want someone to see your model first, without you saying anything and say, HEY! that really nice!

  2. Im really liking the cold feel of the models. The muted purples, the greys, and the snow base just make the whole model seem....I don't know, like there some vitality missing, not just physical cold, spiritual cold, if you know what I mean.

    I like it.....alot.

    I particularly like the Raider. The highlighting is very very brazen which I think realy adds to it. It looks less lke its been highlighted, and more like the DEldar have chosen to paint it that way. That baroque decadence.

    Oh....your snow bases. I've not had a lot of luck with Workshops Snow Effect. I use the snow effect set from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Its....striking.

  3. Very nice! Inspiring in fact, as i need to get back into my Dark Eldar!