Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Apocalypse Season continues.

Well, our second game of apocalypse has taken place.

The campaign is set on a key world in our our system, the thraxis system, which my and my gaming group have fought over for many a year now. Gath Shedammah is a duel continent planet, guardian of the only warp jump point in the thraxis system, and thus all important to the imperuim. Unfortunately, one on the continents has suffered a massive zombie plague outbreak, due to more subtle chaos forces. Now the continent has fallen and a massive chaos horde is ploughing across the channel to the unprepared imperial side.

So far Chaos horde pushed back the imperium over muddy sea bed(see earlier post), and have made a push for the Imperial capital of Gath Shedammah... exactly how prepared they are, time will tell...

 The horde gathers in preparation for the assault on imperial guard defenders.

The chaos infantry finds itself under sustained bombardments... 

...While rebel and loyal armour duke it out for the centre table.

Loyal Infantrymen face down Rebels, Daemons, Zombies and the Infernal Judge, a Baneblade forged of Dark Mechanicum origin! 

Blasted craters and Burning hulks remain at the end of the day.

After the dust had settled, The Chaos Horde had been decimated by a well prepared defence, yet a Vital Object keeps them in the game. We called it a draw in terms of campaign narrative. The Horde has been held at bay, but they're not going anywhere! The city is now under siege, and the next game will probably see a column of re-enforcements coming to smash their way through the blockade. 

I'll keep the blog updated to let you know of Gath Shedamah's fate!  

Till next time

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