Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Word Bearers, a new project.

Well, we all know you can never have to many hobby project on the go at once, right? I've recently moved to a new place, and as such, my local GW Thursday night games night has moved too. I've been down to a couple of nights with my guard army, but its just not built to be competitive in terms of army list(its got a squadron of vanquishers for a start...) so I've decided to start a new army to take down and hopefully be abit more competitive. Step in the word bearers. I've had the idea of doing an army of these guys for a while, but never got round to it, so now seems like a good time.

I'll be able to add them to my apocalypse horde, if need be, or use keep 'em as a stand alone army. I'm going to start with a 1500 pt list and see how I go.

As you can see, my first purchase was a squad of terminators, which I'm halfway through building. I wanted to do something a bit none standard for the bases so I came up with the plasticard paving idea. I think it looks quite good. 

These are the three I've managed to build so far. I had planned on having one finished by now, but sat down to paint earlier and realised I need a trip to the shop to buy some new paint! :-(

As for the list, I'm looking at something like this:

HQ 130
Daemon Prince Wings

Elites 435 5 Chaos Terminators 4 Combi plasma, 1 Heavy Flamer, Powerfist Icon 195
Land Raider Extra Armour Dozerblade 240

Troops 675
8 Chaos Space Marines 1 Meltagun Champion w Combimelta, Powerfist Rhino 215
10 Chaos Space Marines 2 Plasma Guns Rhino 215
10 Chaos Space Marines 2 Meltaguns Champion w Powerfist Rhino 245

Heavy Support 260
Predator Autocannon Lascannon sponsons 130
5 Havocs 2 Meltaguns Rhino 130

Which came with some help from Papadoc on warseer, just in case he's watching this.
Keep an eye out for progress!


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