Saturday, 13 August 2011

What can Yu Mak with a Mumak?

Well, as I said in my last post, the gauntlet was thrown down, to convert a lord of the rings mumak model into something I could use some my chaos apocalypse army.

We saw some early WIP shots then. Now, I can bring you the finished product!

In the end, I did have to rush it abit. The howdah ended up nowhere near as detailed as I'd have liked, but the model was finished the day before an apocalypse game deadline. Due to moving house and work and such, I've not had as much time as I'd like to paint, model, and blog, unfortunately.

Anyway, here we go. 

I wanted the colour schemes to bring the various parts of the army together. I've got a load of chaos spawn in the pipeline, to go with the giant forgeworld one, so I painted the mumak's skin to match the tone I used.

I also wanted to bring in my weathered tank scheme on the howdah, to tie the armour in. 

And some imperial guard crew fitted the bill nicely. 

Finally, some weathering power up its legs finished the model off. 

In games, this thing is going to count as a large squiggoth, as it's about the closest thing to it in my opinion. I say 'This thing', it needed a name. I decided, rather than having some cheesy chaos name(the death crusher, blood killer, etc etc) I thought it'd be better to give it an Imperial nickname. Much like something you'd read in a gaunts ghost novel(remember flat crabs, stalk tanks and the like? So i decided the Imperials would refer to these things as 'Footprints', obviously in reference to what's left behind after a mumak raid!

Well, that's it for now. As ever, all comments and that are received gracefully. 

Thanks for looking.


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  1. Wow. I just looked at this and your Reaver Titan, and I can't bring myself to look at my own models anymore. Compared to yours, mine look like they were painted by a 2 month old baby. From your apoc post, you mentioned spawns. Could you tell me how you paint them? I've got clown looking spawn at the mo, so...
    Also watching your Word Bearer project. Keep up the great work!!!