Thursday, 8 August 2013

5 Reasons the latest daemonettes rule the previous versions

As published over the last week, I've been working on a daemon army full of slaanesh's finest. The last slaanesh force I put together was years ago, when the older metal daemonette models were available. You know the ones, females, with far to much chest. You'll know them because they're oddly popular. If you look on eBay at them, you'll see just how popular.

For some reason, or more likely  for 6 reasons, they go for lots money. But now, there's a new plastic box set, and my lord, they don't have bare chest. They go for about shelf price. Why is this the case? Thing is, the new sculpts are so much better. If you don't believe me yet, here's 5 reasons to buy the current box.

1) Plastic. Since GW have started releasing most of their kits in plastic now, you don't have to deal with as many hard to build joins, they're easy to convert, and unless you using GW's plastic glue, none of it needs pinning. This is especially true of daemonettes, who have spindley little joints on the arms. The metal versions were nothing short of a nightmare to glue claws too. There's nothing sexy about a daemonette with no limbs.

2) variety. The old ones were all the same looking, and suffered from the syndrome that lots of gamers dislike, of the cloned unit. C'mon guys' its not the 90's any more.

3) weirdness. The art work, as I've already mentioned, is where the servants of slaanesh really get brought to life. Blanche has poured all his weirdness into it, and there's not a mammorry it sight. Now' Gw have bought the models more in line with the art. Baldness, backward jointed legs, mohawks' and heads that look like your nan on a mid 20's body!

4) cost. Units of the old daemonettes can only come from eBay, or are otherwise second hand. The fact that by my fourth point, people still haven't got over miniatures with boobs means the second hand market knows how to charge for them. Units of 6 for 30 quid? I'll stick with gw's 10 for 16 thanks.

5) Slaanesh models with no boobs. If you remember as far back as the nineties, gw each metal team went through what became known as 'the red period' in that everything that they painted had bright blood red as a spot colour. Unnoticed by some, the design team appeared to go through 'the naked chest period' some years later. Every slaaneshi model ended up with far to much exposed flesh. Now the averaged under sexed gw fanboy loved this phenomena. Looking at the latest releases however, shows gw have actually seen sence and covered up their daemons, so to speak.  

I think i've made my point. So i urge people to go out and bag some of the latest daemonettes when planning your next chaos army, and see how they'll change you opinion.


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