Monday, 5 August 2013

A slaaneshi beginning.

It has become apparent I have a bee in my bonnet enough to blog again this week. I don't know how long it'll last(I never do), but I know why it is.

Firstly, I have something to and heblog about. There's yet another 40k army buzzing around my head, waiting to get out.

Secondly, and less importantly, I have new technology to use. I've got myself a nexus 7 tablet so I'm playing with that.

So a new army. I've often thought about building a slaaneshi daemon army before. I know I need a new 40k army, so now seamed a good time to start it. And it is only a start. I had a half painted khornate daemon prince kicking about in my bits box, so I dragged him out and slaaneshed him up a bit. A new weapon(made from a dark eldar raider's tiller), and a daemonette esque claw seamed to fit the bill.

He's about 90% finished in this picture. 

One thing i do want to do with this army is show how slaanesh isn't just the god of daemonic eye candy, as the world appears to think. Slaanesh is a pretty screwed up god. The best way to explain it is to look at John Blanche's work on slaanesh stuff. Its all really weird Combinations of people, animals fish and general craziness. i want to get that across in the army really.

I also have this pile of plastic, which(hopefully) will become something in the next few weeks, when the army needs some proper support.

So thats all, for now. I can't promise how often updates will be. If you've followed this you may have noticed i'm still getting the hang of posting via a tablet. Maybe next time the blog wil all be at the same time!


  1. Looking forward to seeing how that pile of plastic turns out.

  2. I hope my new toy turns up tomorrow, I'll be bombing it home from work to try and get it base coated and glued so he can have dual with the daemon!!!!!

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