Monday, 17 February 2014

The great Cygnaran Restoration, Part 1.

Right, it's an effort to keep the blog rolling. Damn straight.

So, my next project, one for myself this time, is to paint myself a new warmachine army. I um'd and arred between two of the biggest, Cygnar and Khador. I'm played Cryx, Menties, Trolls, and Ret before. I decided I want to paint some proper warjacks.

I also have been trying out airbrushing recently. This is why I first thought Khador. Big red armour to spray up. Got it. However, they don't play very jack heavy now do they? So I thought and thought, and made some lists.

Then I remembered, months ago I was talking to my club mates about how I think there is more mileage in two of warmachine's most underused 'casters, Captian Darius, and Commander Stryker. So antother £5 on a warroom deck, and I'm putting adverts up for wanted cygnar.

I'm going to prove to my club, I can get something out of these two! So a few trades later and I've got some 'Jacks coming in the post.

Now, I think my fovourite 'jack in warmachine has got to be the thunderhead. I remember when it came out in apotheosis, as a cryx player at the time I was so damned jealous. So I have my start. Unfortunatly, my second hand T'head arrived like this...

 So, a couple of days in the old detol for you, Mr T. You know how everyone hates 'The DJ pose'? I don't, I love it! However, T's previous owner didn't. His poor scratching arm was sheared on arrival.

Time for some new parts, Big man.

This tiny vice of mine is really old, but still comes in handy. 

We'll have you back together soon.

 Brass upgrades! I think he's going to like me.

Good as new! 

Wouldn't be Thunderhead without the gap filling, so I'm told. 

So I even started layering up with the airbrush. I'm still getting used to the idea. 

You can see my test Ironclad has gone and photobombed me here. More from him next time. 

So, hey, one man's rubbish is another's treasure eh? Give me a couple of weeks and we'll be powering across the board together!

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