Friday, 7 March 2014

The great Cygnaran Restoration part 2.

The restoration continues!

Last time, I'd rebuilt my first 'jack, the thunderhead. I'd just started layering up the paints when I left you. Before we continue with this, however, I'll just turn back the clock a a little.

Before I started painting, I started using this old mark 1 ironclad as a test of my airbrushing skills.  I had this guy just floating around one of my many bits boxes.

As you can see, I'm going for proper Cygnar blue. though fairly unoriginal. I like it, it suits the models down to the ground. Though not my normal train of thought, with Warmachine, I'm more bothered about doing well on the table top than with the custom paint jobs. 

A bit more playing around with the old acrylics later and my test model is something like. The defining lines between the armour plates got a black wash, then a blue glaze to add some depth. 

Metals are unfinished here but will get a bright silver highlight later. 

I also stripped my chosen caster. Enemo. I just like how his army runs, I love jacks, and remember how annoying stormcallers are to play against! Coupled with Thunderhead, I hope to be on to a winner! 

Now we're back where I left off the other week. Time to get Mr T upto speed. Followed the same method as the test 'clad. but with extra glow! Never tried anything like this with my airbrush before, but I don't think I've done a bad job. the key is taking your time, and thinking about where that paint is going before you pull the trigger.

He obviously needs his base finishing to. He also needs his metal highlighting like the Ironclad from earlier. 

Next up to see the workshop bench, these two defenders! For the minute, its bath o' detol for these guys.

Till next time!


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