Monday, 31 March 2014

Stryker vs The World, Part one. The first games.

As mentioned a couple of posts back, my side project for the blog at the minute is trying to prove prime stryker still has the moves and can hold his own against the big boys. So last tuesday, I began, with two 25 point games, using only what I've got painted so far, so not much of a fair test(there's alot I'll change in this list).

How did I get on? Well the first game, was against a Syntherion convergence list. Dave, my club mate on the other side of the table is just learning the, he's probably played around ten games. He knows the system well enough by now.

So here we see Stryker's gang disrupting everything is sight. Arcane shield. on Thunderhead proves a tough nut to crack.  

Some hwat recklessly, stryker cockily charges a heavily damaged cipher, hoping to end it before it gets repaired, and managed to bounce off. Both forces started running out of options in the end, and sytherion ends up on the end of the Thunderhead's upper cut.

Result: Stryker Wins his first bout!

Time for one more before home time. Next up i line up against Mr Tom Wiggins' Skorne army. Strkyer, who was carried by stormsmiths disrupting all the vectors in the last game, is less confident.

Sure enough, me wanting to clear a full unit of nihilators leaves a bronzeback titan wide open. Foolishly, I try and stop the beast with long gunner combined attacks. It hyper aggressive moves closer, then with a good rush animus from his gladiator mate in the next turn smashes the ginger nut to the ground no problem.

Result: Domminar Rasheth Wins!

So overall a win and a loss. Its a reasonable start. Check back next time to find out how we're going this week!


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