Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Stryker vs THE WORLD!!

Running along side my Cygnar restoration project, I have a side project to add into the mix. This will not be a painting or modeling job, however, so just for a minute every so often, it might skew Gonders' miniature painting.

The story begins...

So quite a while back, I can't remember how far back now, I had a conversation with some club mates about pStryker. I was trying to convince everyone that cygnar's, and perhaps the whole of warmachine's most overlooked 'caster shouldn't be so. They told me the normal arguments of 'but eHayley is better at everything', and 'He's a one trick pony with the most obvious trick of them all', and so on. It became a standing joke that I thought he had some worth.

Somewhere along the way, I vowed that one day Stryker and I would return at the head of an army of the royal blues and steam roll the world.

Unfortunaly for me, that day is coming.

It's time to put my money where my mouth is and show the world, and more importantly my club mates, that Stryker ain't done yet.

Stryker:- Ginger, overlooked and pissed off.

In two weeks time, we're running a journeyman league at the club. I intend to log progress, both me and ginge's rise to power, in little battle report form on here, to show everyone what we can do.

So what can possibly go wrong eh? 

Look out world, earthquake's acomin'! 


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