Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Horde gathers...

By George he's done it. 50 guardsmen in less than a week, with my sanity still intact! well just about. They aren't my best work, but the core of the infantry are there now...

I've still got to make 2 more overseers, and 1 lord commissar overseer, then its 1000 points of just infantry. Then 500 points of flesh hound approx and its a good core of the army. I still have heavy weapon squads to get too, but they can wait till I've painted something not in a gas mask!

So with that its time to start the next job. This thing has defeated me once already, a few years back. I bought it on a whim at the time, and never finished the job, which is most unlike me.
After a while of gathering dust, I gave it to one of my mates for his chaos army, myself having no need for it at the time. He paint stripped it and began painting it himself. He also failed with the bloody thing, and got about as far as I did. Now with new of my new chaos horde gathering, he's returned it to me, and now I shall finish it once and for all!!

This is obviously PIP, the flames will be yellow-red, and the crew I'm going to try and do that 'cockpit glow', that seems to be all the rage nowdays. The canopy is painted but needs adding too. Then I need to make a base for it. Well I've got a few bank hoildays to go, so the progess should gather momentum this week coming...


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  1. Congrats mate, thats some painting you've done there!