Sunday, 10 April 2011

More Rebel Imperial Guard.

So the Apocalypse project is grinding on through the mud and hell of the 40k battlefields.

The first platoon is finished, except for their commissar, who will be more of a chaos overseer type character.

There's 2 more of these platoons coming, to make up the first 100 odd guard that will form the core infantry of the apocalypse army. They will be a 1000 point stand alone army in their own right, as 3 platoons, then I'm going to power through 100 odd zombies, to bulk up the army, added to the 30 flesh hounds I've already done, and I'll have 250 infantryish sized models to feed to the imperial guns. After that, I plan some heavy weapons squads of my own, probably about 4 squads, at which point I'll be able to start on some vehicles.

Speaking of which, one of the boys is working a leman russ conversion kit, which will be in the style of forgeworld's malcador tanks. He says he'll cast a few up for me, so I can have some tanks that look abit different.

I finished off the first heavy weapons team, which I'm quite happy with...

The milliput base has turned out quite well with some of my super duper mud effect to finish it off.

I'm trying to keep as motivated as possible through 250 models, of which I've painted almost 70. Hanging on in there, because there might just be a rather large modelling treat for me at the end of it all...

Until the next platoon!



  1. Lovin' the purple skin tone there mate, very Chaos!

    Also like the bits you've used for the minis - Pig Iron Heads and Catachan arms, with Cadian bodies? Again, very Chaos!

    Love it!

  2. Thanks guys, its always good to get some feedback.

    They're just catchans with pig iron heads. I couldn't justify cadians too!


  3. Looking good, I hope to get back to my Traitor guard, but I always end up painting more CSM, plus then there are Orks and Goblins...

  4. Very unhealthy skin tone. :D But I like the gloomy look of your minis, you caught the style of renegade Imps perfectly well.