Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hell Talon, Scenic bases, and Gandalf's Head!

Well quite a big post today. Firstly, I've made quite abit of progress on the hell talon:

The flames are not perfect by along way, but I think the effect is good. Very 90's chaos! All that is missing now is a black wash on some if the metals, and the guns need painting and adding on. The bottom of the hell talon isn't painted the same, but thats why it defeated me in the first place, so I'm going to leave it as it is. I've started making a flying base for it too. Infact:

Flying Base step by step guide, part one.

Firstly, cut a base out of MDF and mark a hole in the centre. This is so I didn't build scenery over the flyinging stick. I've decided to make it part of a bombed out imperial trench line defence type system. I've marked out where to quarter bomb crateres will go and a section on defence line too.

Next, using foam board, I built the basics of the craters. These will be covered with milliput, so I've not been to acurate. I also built up a 3D section of the defence line.

I've now covered the craters with milliput, building them up bit by bit. I wet it as I work to make it into a smooth clay like texture.

Next, I've added some 40k bits and bobs from my stash. I also cut up some bits of balsa wood as good old flak board. Made sure I put a skull in there somewhere. Wouldn't be 40k without a skull.

After this, I forgot to bring a hacksaw home from work, so my flying stick is a tad to long :-S
Never mind, drill a 9.5mm hole anyway and DONT glue the 10mm threaded rod in. Use the same drill bit to drill the resin, very carefully!

This marks the end of the first walk through. I'll put the next half up, probably as they say 'I do' on friday...

Mean while, marvel at this large wooden head of gandalf till i finish it off.


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  1. These are all great! I like Gandalf's head. Great work posting this!...Daniel