Sunday, 17 April 2011

Watch me play with madness...

Well the apocalyptic painting is in full swing, I've painted a further 20 rebels last week, the total now standing at 55 done. Several developments have occurred, however, resulting in a change of plan.

Firstly, this arrived...

That's my apocalypse toy, straight out the bag. It's going to be a good summer's worth or work, right there. Scarily, that's a 4'x4' table its lay on. That's hundreds of bits!
This leads me to the following experiment. I hate having loads of unpainted miniatures left to paint, especially if its still boxed.  Mainly, because its a waste of cash. So as the titan arrived, I still had 6 boxes of catchans, waiting to be built/painted. So the plan was hatched, to literally paint all 50 remaining guys in one large batch...

I've seen this kind of thing done twice before, by a good friend of mine. It is do-able. If i don't go off the rails in the process. The problem is that I'm going to be running out of time. I've estimated the titan will be approx 8 weeks work. I'm going to need more than a titan and a hundred men. My head is full of ideas of units I want to add. In fact, off the top of my head, here's a list:

Tanks: at least 8 imperial guard tanks, of none standard design, is on the list.

Zombies: I've promised my mates a zombie outbreak to fight off over summer. 100 zombies.

Dark mechanicus: I have a Reaver, it needs supporting cast and crew.

Tanks: The warlord(see post: Status update), and a daemon prince body guard.

Fliers, I have a hell talon bomber incoming, I'd like some hell blades to escort it.

Now, that's just off the top of my head. Its apocalypse summer 2011, not 2014, I don't have too long. With this in mind, I'm going to try finish these 50 guardsmen by the end of the week.

Wish me luck!


  1. Jesus, thats one hell of a tall order! My Reaver took me 6 months to build and paint, and thats not mentioning the other models that you've got lined up!

    All i've got to say is...GOOD LUCK!

  2. This is madness! ;-)

    I would get insane at the sheer sight of this load of bits on my table. Your pic depleted my desire for a own Titan a lot!

    You really have huge plans for this year or rather summer.

    Sometimes I use this kind of 'production line painting' too, but it is very frustrating to do the same step time and time again. But it's very productive though. You will hate the minis once you're finished so much that you'll hardly ever want to paint another batch. :D

    I wish you happy painting!

  3. Don't say it took you 6 months, I've no chance! Haha, so you got any titan building tips other than 'Don't drop it'? :-P

    I just see this thing as a pretty big challenge. The imperial forces i'm going to be up against I belive are about 70% complete by this point, so I got serious catching up to do!

    The other thing standing in the way, is that this is getting very pricey!