Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bases, Bosses, and the gift of Spawndom.

Yet more efforts to the growing horde. I've finished off the hell talon's base, with some of my magic mud effects, and a splash of paint, we're finished. I think it looks suitablyy bombed out and abandoned.

So here the talon is all finished off and ready to bomb folks...

Next up for this update, I'm instilling some discipline in the ranks. 2 more of my overseers, and a head honcho overseer, which I'm going to use as a lord commissar. Think he looks suitably grizzled and 'ard enough for the role. The head is from the Cadian command sprue, I think its a fine choice.

Next, a bit of a wild card I'm going to throw in the army. A big gribbly spawn! Managed to get this second hand, was a bit beaten up, but he's painted up OK. My mates are telling me this is going to be a massive waste of 140 points, but I know better than them! Can't wait till he's tearing though them!

This model was massively fun to paint, I can't keep a straight face to gaze upon his many faces!

There my not be much progress this next week, I'm waiting for an order through of modelling supplies, mainly to start building this super duper forge world toy I have sat waiting for me...

Till next time...

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