Sunday, 22 May 2011

Doing it on the cheap

As a break to the titan project, I'd like to make a point about buying stuff of ebay for the this hobby of ours. If anyone has been following this blog for the last few months, you'd know I've undertaken the apocalypse challenge of putting together approximately 8000 points of chaos before the end of the summer for some big old games.

One of the problems I've encountered during in the process, is its becoming a massive drain on my wallet. So to combat this, I've recently started buying old tanks from every one's favorite auction website.

My latest purchase can be seen here:

Crappy Old Exterminator

As you can see from the link, The young man who built this can't be older than 12. No disrespect to him, but this model isn't up to my gaming standard. I'm sure he'll get there one day. :-P

My point is, that after an hour with a tank modellers bits box, a can of spray paint, and a bit of patience, we have this:

Now, for the cost of 12 pound, I've got what I'd consider a tank that can be painted up to fit in with my dirty rebels. For to long I've not thought about my purchases and was bought straight from my local GW, but with the prices they're charging now, ebay can really be a modeller's best friend.

So, take heed, and bid your hearts out. Just know I'll be nipping in there with 20 seconds to go.

Til next time.


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  1. I hear where your coming from, I bought myself a really beaten up Land Raider for 10 pounds on ebay just becuase on of the front assault ramps was missing, which I might end just green stuffing.