Thursday, 5 May 2011

Rusty Dawg... Rebel Hellhound Tank

The first Rebel Armour is rolling out...

For the apocalypse summer, we'll be fighting over a planet named geth-something-or-other, a planet with a continent that is basically a tank grave yard. The thinking is the planet has a large ammount of spare land mass, so its where the administration send de-commissioned tanks. Unfortunatly for the imperium, my bunch of dirty rebels have got their hands on some of the hulks, and are currantly refitting them for themselves!

This I saw as a modelling opportunity, and ordered myself a set of forgeworld waethering powders. I've been experimenting with them this week, but this is the first tank I've finished properly that I'm happy with.

There's some stuff I'd do alot differently, and infact will do. I bought these two hellhounds from a bloke on warseer, I think as they are the old style hellhounds they fit the 'decommissioned' bill rather well!

The second one I've ground the chaos stars in the side with my dremel, as the one on this one got a bit washed out. The powders are a learning curve and a half... though I'd reccomend trying them out.

More pics to leave you with.

I can't wait to give this treatment to a super heavy or two!


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