Sunday, 15 May 2011

A big old Sunday update, Including Reaver Titan update.

Well, The apocaproject is ever rolling on. Been quite a productive week. Firstly, There's a Second hell hound(and thusly more weather practise) to show the world:

I'm definitely getting the hang of weathering powders. Glad I'm practising before I hit up the big guy though! Also I'm quite impressed at how my dremelled in chaos star appears to have come out.

Next up for the chaos horde, The head conspirator of the nightmarish Zombie plague. I needed a non marine nurgle chaos lord to head up the tide of undeath, so I knocked this guy out, for a bit of a laugh really. 
As can be seen on this picture though, I managed to have a good play around with my chaotic skin tone technique on him too.

I've also painted the titan's base. Happy with how this is turning out too. My build up some more weathering powder first before I seal it though. 

The same base, pre-weathering. Also, the washes were still wet when I took this picture. 

Right, as for the big man himself, Painting has begun!

First up, a Blaster with grey car primer(not pictured), then a blaster with good ol' chaos black. Easy. 

Next, all the metal gets a flat tin bitz base coat. Looking very steampunk! 

Followed by several layers of light boltgun metal drybrushing. Normally, I hate dry brushing, But on this thing, its served me well. After this, a VERY light mithril silver dry brush on the edges of the metals.

After this every rivet got picked out with badab black, to provide shading. Also I've begun painting his big brassy thighs :-P

This is how the metals look close up now. Still need some washes and bits to go yet... But this is all the progress so far. I'm trying to hammer down as much as I can but still have it look good. 

On a sad note, This pot of putrid green, which I purchased when I was in year 5 at school, and was my very first paint, has dried up.  Me and him have been through some crazy times, I feel like I've lost a friend.

Til Next time 



  1. The base is really nice, especially the aquila adds some eyecatcher to it. But will the road be left this unspoiled?

  2. could i ask for the dinentions of the base?

    1. The base is around 13'' by 15-16'', I can't quite remember off the top of my head, it was last year when I built it! thanks for the interest!