Monday, 6 August 2012

How to build a Trollkin Warwagon.


To continue the articles about the Horde Troll army I built and painted for the WPS Club Challenge this year, here is a guide to how I assembled the largest and most impressive model, so I could practise with it one the table at the same time as painting all the details. I Knew I was on limited time, so had to make the whole thing able to be disassembled to paint it, and reassembled to game with. Here comes a lot of pinning...

Firstly I cleaned up and built the chassis. no problems there, I just made sure there was a pin I could put the buffalo on through the yoke, and a pin for the deck and gun mount to slide over later on. Easy. 

Next came adding the buffalo. They each had a hoof pinned to the base, but not glued, and I just slide them on to the yoke pin from step one.

Next up, I built the deck, and drilled to pins to keep the gun mount straight and true. I didn't glue the deck yet, so I could get at the chassis later on for painting. I also pinned the driver in, but again, with no glue.

After I'd assembled the gun mount, the rest of the crew were pinned in place. I used only the minimum amount of glue through the whole job, and long pins so I could slide the whole thing to bits to get the painting done. 

The completed wagon, after painting. I glued everything I could after this to make sure it would survive the table top. The only part that remained unglued, was the gun mount, so it would fit into my case to carry it. 

This model(finally!) sees the end of the great white trollblood challenge. I've learnt a lot whilst painting the from a white undercoat. While it is a pain in the bum to do, you can certainly come up with some bright clean results, which I feel fit the trolls perfectly. 

I'd like to think I've done an alright job on the army. It goes to show, that the 3 tournaments I've taken it to, I've got 28/30 painting score, and 2 best painted awards to show off.  Would I do it again? Not for a long time... I can hear the grim darkness calling to me from the underhive...

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