Sunday, 5 August 2012

Trollbloods. Lots of trollbloods.

So here's the thing. Before the WPS tournament I reported a couple of blogs(and by now, months ago) I hammered my painting to get the troll bloods painted in time to play the Challenge. Because I was painting most nights for a few weeks, I barely got chance to blog about the army.

Now I've finally got a bit of time to play catch up. So here we go.  This i going to be a whistle stop tour of the last units in the army.

There was stonetide, you've got to have her for the trolls. This was the last model I painted, and as it happens, probably the worst.  

Another auto-include, the fell caller solo. 

I took a full unit if fennblades with UA. They we a slog to paint. At the time I was up against it. I'm not going to post the whole unit unless someone really wants me too.  

My second dire troll, after the mauler, was this bomber. The good old metal version. :-)

I also took a full unit of champions, with skaldi bonehammer. They starred in a couple of games in WPS, despite every other troll player ever favouring a unit of longriders.

There should be a couple more of these posts to go before the whole lot of them are up here and I can reveal my next project!


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