Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Turncoat Navy. The Thunderbolt Fighter that couldn't make it's mind up.

So for a few years now, I've had a forgeworld thunderbolt fighter hanging around, me not really having an imperial army for it to go with.

Last year, when I started building my chaos apocalypse army, I slapped some chaos stars across it's wings, just so I could throw it on the table...

Which looked alright, but if I'm honest, kinda ruined its clean imperial paint job. 

The other day, whilst browsing some well known nerd forums, I found a thread in a wanted section posted by a guy looking for imperial fliers to buy. I offered him the t'bolt, but he wanted it without the chaos stars. Kinda wish I'd used transfers now.

So this morning I set about trying to remember how I painted those clean panels all those years ago. 

This is the result after an hour or two. I don't think its quite as clean as the first time round, but I don't think anyone would notice when its on the table. 

So maybe he'll finally find the right battlefield to strafe in a new home. I think the years I've had it sat in a cupboard, it won't happen with me. 


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